Intelligent media throughout your home

Intelligent media throughout your home

What does home control mean to you? Better lighting? The right music? Efficient use of energy? Children entertained? We’ve recently entered the era where all of this is possible. Well, almost all of it. Read a few of our favourite stories to learn how home control is transforming both people and places all over the world.

Imagine a house that remembers to lock itself at 10 pm. Shades that close as the sun hits. A home theatre setup that takes care of lights, sound and picture with one touch. With iMedia, everything works together the way you want it to. Life is just better with a little more control.

iMedia are specialists in the design and installation of Custom home automation systems from, home control integration, home cinema rooms, multi room audio and video streaming, lighting, heating and AC, IP cameras, security, internal networks, blinds and curtains for your home

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