Will Alexa Be The New Woman In Our Lives?

You may have seen the adverts on TV that show, what looks like, a guy in his kitchen asking his kettle questions about his diary schedule, however, Amazon Alexa (which is the device’s name) is in fact one of many new pieces of home technology that are set to...

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Neeo – The Remote You’ve Been Waiting For

NEEO is a smart home automation system. It's super easy to setup. Works with the devices you already own like TV, cable boxes, stereo.Works with new devices like smart lights, thermostats and entertainment products like SONOS or Apple TV.It recognizes you...

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Artcoustic’s Stunning CPH-10P Available From iMedia

Artcoustic's reputation for producing speakers and audio equipment that look as amazing as they sound is second to none – and the new full range CPH-10 P is certainly no exception. iMedia are delighted to supply Artcoustic's stunning, new range, which is now...

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Videotree’s Newest Range Of Mirror Televisions

Add a spark of glamour to your house by installing one of Videotree’s newest range of Mirror Televisions. These beautiful centrepieces pose as an elegant mirror whilst moonlighting as a hi-tech television when switched on....

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When Is A Door Bell Not A Door Bell?

Answer: When it is an ingenious security solution that integrates your smart phone and home automation system! You may not have noticed it, but there has been something of a revolution taking place in the world of the humble doorbell… once upon a time its job was...

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Intelligent Power Surge Protection 

Power control is the first line of defense in bringing a system or device back online, and just like lightbulbs, Surge Protectors need to be replaced every few years when they wear out. Just because your old surge protector passes power to your devices doesn’t mean...

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