788349_origAnswer: When it is an ingenious security solution that integrates your smart phone and home automation system!

You may not have noticed it, but there has been something of a revolution taking place in the world of the humble doorbell… once upon a time its job was simply to ring and let you know there was somebody at the door… but that’s all changed… with ‘all seeing, all dancing’ bells popping up on front doors all over the land.

Leading the way is a nifty new ‘bell’ called The Ring, which offers homeowners a clever twist on other internet-enabled security devices. And here’s the clever bit… as well as replacing your doorbell, it provides motion-responsive video recording and alerts with the ability to talk back to visitors via your phone, tablet or PC… you can also leave instructions for couriers or inform friends and family of your whereabouts if they come calling.

Ring’s customisable motion sensors let you focus in on the most important areas of your home, providing instant text alerts via the free App whenever anyone approaches your home. The App also allows you to hear, see and speak to anyone on your property from anywhere in the world thanks to a high definition, wide-angled lens, microphone and built-in speaker that connects to your home wifi network.

iMedia have tested The Ring over the past six months and are excited to be able to install the device, whether as a stand-alone set-up or, integrated into a Control 4 smart home solution. It’s also a brilliant product to be able to spec into any new development or refurbishment project and offer a little more wow for a very reasonable cost.

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