Te-dice-cómo-hacer-ejercicioYou may have seen the adverts on TV that show, what looks like, a guy in his kitchen asking his kettle questions about his diary schedule, however, Amazon Alexa (which is the device’s name) is in fact one of many new pieces of home technology that are set to revolutionise our domestic lives. Believe you me, Alexa will not be a flash in the pan, she really is the future.

Alexa will without a doubt become more acceptable in our homes, and home automation systems such as Control4, which we have been installing for several years now, have drivers that mean Voice Service technology can fit seamlessly into your existing system.

Amazon’s smart device has been designed to become a passive digital assistant – you speak it carries out your commands – from streaming music through its 360-degree omni-directional speaker, answering questions (in a similar way Siri does on Apple OS and Cortana does on Windows) – but from iMedia’s perspective, the really exciting functions will be its ability to sync with lighting controls, switches, thermostats and other programmable technology.

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